Natchaug River top 12!

A dozen of our selected patterns for the Natchaug and other Connecticut trout streams, complete with a fly box for over 100 flies!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Matt's Beauty!

Team 7x member Matt, proudly displaying his team cap, landed this 36 lb. Chinook at the Whale Channel Lodge, BC, Canada recently.  He also took a "smaller" one at 34 lbs.  Great job Matt, sure is a different experience than drifting size sixteens to rising trout!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Black Caddis Evening!

Perfect conditions on the Natchaug 6/5.  Levels are up, flow just right and with more heavy rain expected, we should have continued good hatches and rising trout!  Remember to give the river a day to clear after heavy rains since it will go off-color fairly quickly.

Only one pattern needed last the trout rose consistently to an elk-wing or CDC size 16.  I tried a few larger imitations but the fish were keyed on size.  No sulphurs and very few late spinners; every night is different! All in all, maybe the best night yet with many nice fish brought to hand.

Fly Image at Front Range Anglers

Note a bit of green on the body; the above almost identical to the pattern I used with success last evening.

We return to Charlie Brown Campground next Saturday the 15th and have a couple spots open for the afternoon guided session on the Natchaug.  First come, first serve after the CBC folks, so let us know!  Free casting lessons, advice in the AM.