Friday, September 28, 2018

Atlantic Salmon on the Shetucket River

GOOD NEWS!  Stocking will take place soon on the Shetucket.

Here is the latest release from CTDEEP:

TROUT and Salmon Stocking Update- Fall stocking in Rivers and Streams is on hold- too much water!Look for more widespread stocking in lakes and ponds and trout parks coming next week. Also, the first round of Atlantic Salmon Stocking is coming soon to the Naugatuck and Shetucket River Broodstock Areas- but it will depend on flows moderating.

If you haven't fished the Shetucket, we have and we know the likely spots!  See our contact info at the bottom of the page.  As water levels lessen, hopefully in the next few weeks, CTDEEP will begin stocking for this popular fall fly fishing opportunity.



Sunday, May 13, 2018

Natchaug River Action

The Blue Quills/Mahogany Duns and Hendricksons, both duns and spinners at dusk are present on the Natchaug providing some opportunities for fishing to risers.  With the water clarity and current levels, sight fishing to trout holding down in the water column will usually bring them to the surface.

If all else fails, float an emerger, then swing and sink it under just in front of the target.  many times you will get a chase and a take when insects are hatching but not on the water in quantity.


Not much caddis activity but noticed a few yellow sallies, a stonefly, around just recently.

A nice brown taken on a Hendrickson pattern...

The fish are there, some very nice browns, possibly fall holdovers, be patient, fish where others don't, 5 or 6x
nothing larger and...


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

CT Opening Day, April 14!

A sad note to begin...Bernard V. Kreh, known as  "Lefty" to the worldwide fly fishing community has passed on at age 93. A renowned author, instructor, story teller and fly fisherman, Lefty was admired by all who had an opportunity to be in his presence.  I had that opportunity a few years ago in a lesson with Lefty...

I'll treasure his perfectly scribed autograph and the memory of a man who was a giant in our sport.


A few weeks now and the CT Trout season will be in full swing.  DON'T FORGET...a trout stamp from CTDEEP is required for a $5 fee, available on-line at the CTDEEP SITE and of course, a 2018 fishing license!

Stocking has begun with reports available at the above link.  Usually by this time, we've had an opportunity to get to the Moosup and Yantic rivers for some pre-opener action.  The weather has not cooperated although the stream levels and flows are currently in good shape. The Salmon River is also open year round and has received an initial stocking as has the Willimantic River TMA. The Farmington as usual fishes well year-round.  Stop in and see Grady at Upcountry Sports in New Hartford...if he doesn't have it, you don't need it!

Early season stones should be around on warmer days and shortly thereafter we should see the quills.
Hopefully our great eastern CT freestones will hold up with the proper rain and water temps. 2017 was an unusual year for hatches...sulphurs and caddis were not in their usual abundance on the Natchaug, although we did see a decent hatch of Hendricksons in late April/May.

Soft hackles and CDC emergers fished in the film are great early season producers on the Natchaug and Shetucket rivers.  Everett has a new "killer wasp" pattern which is always a winner as the season progresses.

Everett's CDC emerger and "killer wasp"

He's working on an ISBO pattern...(IT SHOULD BE OUTLAWED) photo coming soon!

Organize those fly boxes (for the 1000th time!), tie on a new butt section, leader and tippet and stand by; bring on Spring, warm days, cool nights, solid hatches and hungry trout.


Tom & Everett

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Salmon on the Shetucket...CT Fall Stocking Update

Broodstock Atlantic Salmon have been stocked in the Shetucket as part of CTDEEP's fall stocking  In addition, trout have been stocked in the Shetucket and the Natchaug (just this week!)

This fall stocking provides some excellent late season action, especially on the Shetucket where we've had solid success over the past few years.

It's not too late to schedule an outing with us; water levels should remain perfect to chase these leapers!  We know the holding spots and access points

Email us at to work out some days/times.

Tom & Everett

Friday, March 10, 2017

Are Low Water Conditions Ahead....?

Just this week, Connecticut removed a severe drought condition from the state's northwestern area. (Farmington River)  These conditions should be of concern as we move toward Spring and look for ideal conditions on our freestone rivers and streams.

Eastern Connecticut, with it's abundance of freestones, is particularly vulnerable again this Spring.

We found a most interesting site which monitors these conditions for all states with lots of interesting data and forecasts.  Let's hope the next several weeks will bring needed moisture to our groundwaters and thus to our favorite rivers and streams.

Click on a state to see the latest conditions and projections.  Links can be found to other areas of the US as well.  CT has begun its pre-opening day stocking in the year round TMA's.

For inquiries, bookings, etc. our email is now:

Drag Free!

Tom & Everett

Monday, February 27, 2017

Early Season Stoneflies!

Small early season stoneflies along with winter caddis are bringing trout to the surface on the Farmington River. As the year-round streams in eastern CT, Yantic, Moosup, Willimantic rivers receive initial stockings we should see surface activity as well.  Check the latest at CTDEEP.

NOTE:  Our email is now for those of you that may have our older brochure.  Thanks to everyone that visited with us at the recent CFFA show in South Windsor, CT. Great to see new faces and old friends again.

Many of you have asked us about patterns and dry fly tactics on the rivers we fish, especially the Natchaug and Shetucket and several feeder streams.  This spring we will concentrate on helping you identify the naturals; early season stones, caddis and a bit later the quills, hendricksons, march browns and of course sulphurs.  One key to success is the right leader/tippet set up.  Many of our guests join us with leaders that are too short, not properly straightened or without proper tippet.  Secondly, tricky drifts can be a problem on all streams and rivers and we'll work with you on proper presentation, controlling drifts and recognizing rise patterns, especially important when the trout are concentrating on emergers 
We'll use some excellent techniques from the book "Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect" by Leonard M. Wright, Jr., a great read if you can find a copy in print.

We'll be booking our "evenings" from the season opener onward and can accommodate your schedule for daytimes as well.  Let us know if you'd like to refine dry fly/emerger techniques this season in on-water outings.  Everett and I work one-on-one with all on-water guests and will continue our free land casting clinics in eastern CT after the opening weekend. 

If you're connected with a scout group, veteran's group, rec. department or any group activity with an interest in learning about fly fishing, let us know!

We'll use some excellent techniques from the book "Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect" by Leonard M. Wright, Jr., a great read if you can find a copy in print.

DRAG FREE!  Opening Day in CT is April 8, 2017...don't forget your license!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Salmon on the Shetucket River!

Another nice fall day on the Shetucket River in eastern CT.  With the recent stocking of 250 excess broodstock Atlantic Salmon by the CTDEEP, they're spread out from the Scotland Dam downstream. The number of fish are down sharply from years past and it takes some work to find the best holding water.


A self photo while landing this one

We were able to take 3 nice 5 lb. class fish on this cool day.  A week earlier our guests Dave and Ralph teamed up to take another nice salmon from a perfect holding spot.

Everett with a nice one!

We had several follows and bumps on other salmon that showed themselves.  Mickey Finn streamers have been successful, but traditional small salmon flies, with a jungle cock eye and some yellow/blue resulted in both the above fish.

Our guest Ralph with a nice Atlantic salmon on a shirtsleeve day!

Dave had several misses on the fish above and turned over his spot to Ralph while making a fly change.  Ralph on in relief, hooked up for a true TEAM EFFORT...nice job guys, we were happy to get you in the right spot after a slow morning.

It's never too late...we can help you get to the right holding spots with the right patterns...then it's up to you!