Monday, March 8, 2010

Searching for the Holy Grail...again!

Decided to try some new fly boxes in an effort to consolidate and reorganize.  Somehow that never works and like most all of us, I end up with a gazillion boxes of all shapes, sizes and material bouncing around my kit bag!  The Flambeau "Blue Ribbon" twin boxes are the choice of the moment! 

The vertical friction foam technology is unique and the boxes are waterproof, a welcome feature after having dunked most every other fly box I've owned!  It specs at 160 flies...we'll see! I'm impressed with the construction, see thru lids and a nice tight latch.
For smaller stuff the Crystal Creek series sports a magnetic side and the same friction foam as above with a watertight gasket.


So good. Maybe this IS the year for finally making sense of what patterns to carry... in what... and when! Two twins and a mag box do fit nicely in one compartment of the FP Guidepack below. 

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