Sunday, March 6, 2011

Year 'round trout streams in Eastern CT

The following TMA's have no closed season and offer some early season opportunities:

Willimantic River TMA
Moosup River TMA (in CT, not RI, see my previous post)
Merrick Brook TMA
a bit farther south...Yantic River TMA

Look for early season small black stoneflies. With the runoff, most are running a bit high and I hope to have a condition update soon.

Check out what looks like a great reel at flyfishing benefactors. Beautiful fit/finish, sealed drag...will have review as soon as I can get on the water!! The Snake I, large arbor, lightweight.

BACK TO THE BIG EAST...I'm still on Notre Dame's bandwagon! My choice to win the BE tourney at MSG. I'm hoping UCONN gets to Thursday's quarterfinal, with nice seats at the Garden for all 4 matchups! They'll need a big turnaround from the post players...huge disappointments down the stretch.

My case for Kemba Walker as BE player of the year:

UCONN would very probably be at 14-15 wins without his presence and tremendous individual effort. They would simply be out of the post-season picture. NO other team in the BE features a scenario where a post season berth depends so much on one player.
AND...that's what it's all about...getting to the show! Hansborough, great player, reminds me so much of McNamara at Syracuse of the past, but ND gets there regardless of his play; they're solid. Should KW not be the man, Dwight Hardy should be. His play has energized the Johnnies and they'll be in the field for the first time in a long time.
Friar's Brooks a great shooter, but the team's a mess and I can't see his selection.

March one flyfisherman's opinion, the best sports event of the year!
More later on my Final Four picks!!

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  1. Just Wanted not say Merry Christmas to everyone on Team 7x