Saturday, April 30, 2011

NATCHAUG RIVER April 30, 2011

A beautiful day on the Natchaug...the water level has come down to perfect fishable levels in the last day and today featured Quill Gordons at 2 pm until 5.  Rising fish throughout the particular stretch shown in this video led to Browns in the 14"-16" range all on a Quill body dry. Some BWO's, and Mahogany Duns were also around. As is typical, the hatch ended around 5:00pm, the switch was turned off;  and I sat an observed the water for about an hour rather than cast blindly.  My preference is always rising fish! I observed small spinners, and a host of midges and BWO's but no rising fish.  At around 6:00 I noticed small a small yellow mayfly, one, then two...could it be? YES, sulphurs!  The small,what I believe to be the dorotheas, although its a bit early made an appearance.  Watching the water closely from bankside is SO important and gives one a chance to appreciate what an abundant food source is available to the trout and of course the choices to make in selecting a pattern. I could actually see the dun struggling to emerge almost identical to the photo below, in the surface film imitating the typical emerger pattern we so often use.
The switch should be back on!  Sure enough, one subtle rise then another in typical emerger take fashion.  I selected a size 16 traditional sulphur emerger pattern unlike the reverse hook style in the photo, left the comfortable bank side and a cigar, and promptly took 3 rising fish in a 50 yard stretch including a very nice 16" brown to end the day at dusk!  It' s only going to get better!!  Drag free!

PS:  Sunday, May 1 same great scenario, AND not a soul in sight on this beautiful stretch of river...find out more...see "Evenings on the Natchaug" info bottom of page!

UPDATE:  March Browns now present, May 3.  Plenty of rising trout...the hatch is on!

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  1. nobody was fishing the Natchaug because they were all at the Salmon river this weekend. Still haven't made it to the Natchaug yet this spring but I will.

    Thanks for sharing.
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