Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spinners Galore!

Tuesday evening Team 7x witnessed a massive flight of spinners with the falling light of day.  March Browns, smaller quills, mahogany duns  and Gray Drakes blanketed the sky in the diminishing light.  Many of the drakes were coupled as the mating rituals took place above the river .  Water levels were fine as we witnessed some  of the heaviest spinner activity we've seen in recent years of many evenings on the Natchaug.  As darkness deepened, the spinners vanished to the trees and vegetation to incubate and molt.  Unfortunately for us they did not drop to the water; however they HAD to drop likely in the early morning hours.  It was some spectacle and a beautiful sight!

The fishing was spotty; the recent rise and fall of water levels with the rain clearly have the trout off  routine surface feeding activity.  In one classic situation, a fly change to an actively rising bank feeder resulted in a nice brown brought to hand. After a miss, he continued to rise; an immediate change up to a floating soft hackle was ignored; another change, as he continued to rise along the bank in a perfect feeding lane, to a Griffiths Gnat and bang!  Brown on!  Patience ruled the day...after a miss, pause to determine if you continue to have an active feeder, and CHANGE UP.  These are the classic scenarios we dedicated dry fly/emerger guys take so much satisfaction in playing out as we spend our Natchaug evenings!  As the water levels stabilize, barring any significant rain,  look for some great opportunities in the weeks ahead.

Drag free!

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