Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Natchaug River, Section by Section

We will be reviewing the  Natchaug River in depth, section by section starting at it's origin in the middle of Charlie Brown Campground.  If you would like access to the maps and description of specific areas, where to find trout, access, parking etc. EMAIL us at
We will be updating the sections throughout the pre-season, in time for OPENING DAY!

Here's a sample from Section I...
Bigelow Brook and the Still River join to form the Natchaug, flowing north to south,  in the middle of Charlie Brown Campground, Rt. 198, Eastford, CT.  Parking is allowed inside Charlie Brown Campground in designated areas.  CHECK WITH THE OFFICE.  The folks at CBC are very hospitable to fishermen and are some of the nicest campground operators you'll meet. They are a TEAM7x partner, so mention our name when you choose to fish the area and PLEASE respect the campers and personal property by NOT trespassing thru campsites.

Walking the road to the left just before the playground area, you'll end up on Bigelow Brook.  There are several nice cut bank pools on the left as you walk upstream toward the bridge at Rt. 198.  Downstream after a run and riffle a very nice cut bank pool forms to the eastern side of the river under an overhanging tree and will hold trout for most of the season.

(Maps courtesy of CTDEP)

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