Friday, March 15, 2013

Special Offer for Young Fly Fishers!

During the “off season,” we set out to find the ideal outfit for young flyfishers since many of the folks at our casting lessons asked for suggestions.  We wanted to find a complete package, high quality, LIFETIME WARRANTY and at a very attractive price point. 

We are offering the Ross Journey Youth Fly Fishing Outfit through this SPECIAL OFFER to our fly fishing friends.  This is an ideal package for son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter by Ross, a Scientific Angler/3M company, designed with younger folks in mind.  The 4 piece 7’6” rod with high quality reel, spooled with a 4 weight fly line and leader, padded carrying case and DVD geared to kids is an outstanding value.  Everett has examined the entire outfit in detail; it casts wonderfully and is balanced just right for the younger angler.  Women will also appreciate the smaller cork grip and the 7’6” length; and maybe the best part...break a tip, crush a ferrule or guide, NO PROBLEM...Ross offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all rod/reel components!
  AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITY NOW with a free casting lesson* and 3 special hand tied flies…Everett’s “go-to” patterns! 


Here's Everett's review:

I took a new outfit and did some "lawn angling" yesterday.  First, this is an eye-catching rod with a beautiful blue finish, silver accents on the ferrules and an aluminum reel seat.  Combined with a cast aluminum reel in a similar shade of blue, this combo beats beginner's gear from the big boxes in appearance especially in this price range.  I would call this a medium action rod which loads easily with the pre-rigged 5weight line.  By the way, the line to  leader connection  is a neatly tied nail knot as is that of line to backing.  I would have liked to see a double nail knot for additional security at this junction should a young angler hook into a big fish but this can easily be remedied by Team7x during the free lesson we offer with purchase.  The rod was able to deliver the fly accurately even into a strong breeze.  To sum up, this is a great little rod which will accelerate a young angler's learning curve and with a built-up grip,  it would make a great small stream travel rod for women and adults, utilizing the (included) travel case.  The kid's DVD, featuring a 12 year old fly fisherman is perfect for beginners!

* In eastern CT and RI

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