Thursday, April 25, 2013

Natchaug River, Opening Day

OPENING DAY 2013 found a small but enthusiastic class of fly casting students taking part in our introductory session following the mornings usual frenzy! All participants had spin fishing experience but virtually no experience with a fly rod. ( In fact one young man had recently bought a fly fishing outfit and placed it on his wall at home! ) The youngest student, a 12 year old girl, enjoyed using one of Team 7x's youth outfits and made good progress in the brief time we had. Blustery conditions presented some problems but also an opportunity to practice the useful sidearm cast. Thanks to Team 7x's Jeff Rainville for assisting and sharing his fishing knowledge. And, a special thanks to Steve, Pam and Chris at Charlie Brown for hosting Team7x.

The Ross Youth packages are available at the Charlie Brown camp store. See Pam for special pricing!

Wednesday, April 24 update: Matching up to the quills, small black caddis and a few hendricksons did the trick on the sporadic risers. Lots of insects present and the fish should become more active in the days ahead. The water is LOW, not a great sign for this early in the season, but plenty of fish are present. The "Natchaug Top Twelve" black cdc emerger fished on top and in the film produced several nice browns.

Here's Team7x member Paul's recent report:

"The title of this should be " I need a bigger net " :) On Sunday, I ended up at the Natchaug as planned, second pool to the left of the road going in to the Forest area and surprisingly, there were not to many people fishing.. The flows were fast ( for me anyway ) and the water was a very cold 42 degrees. Nothing was happening on top, so I put on a # 14 Red Head nymph... Simple fly... Copper bead head, red thread, Pheasnt tail tail and a single wrap of fine copper wire on the body finished off with a two turn white hackle behind the bead.

Any way after about 5 or 6 casts I thought I had hooked into the bottom, but then felt the pure power of what turned out to be a 17" VERY healthy Brown at just over 3 pounds.. Took almost 15 minutes to coax him into what I thought was a good size C & R net, but he just barely fit.... It was an absoulte blast !!

There were a few notable events here for me... First,there were 3 more Browns, all over 15" in the next hour or so, before I got to cold and left. Second, I caught them on fly's that I tied..... Thanks Everett !!! Finally.... I do need a bigger net :) There were two other guys fishing near me, one up and one down stream, and they were getting the Browns as well.. Kind of miss the jumps of the Rainbows, but these fish were amaizingly strong and just as fun.

oh yeah... just for giggles... I was using a 9 foot, 5 WT, TFO; 7.5 Foot 4X leader and about 4 Feet of 5X Tippet."


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