Thursday, October 3, 2013

Salmon Stocking on the Shetucket!

We were by chance at the Shetucket on Wednesday, October 3 and filmed a short video of the CTDEEP folks stocking the Atlantics.  We fished some of the holding areas, but these beauties were still figuring out what to do outside of the hatchery!  Should be good fishing in a few days! Took a few trout which are present in the runs and pools.

Remember to check the Shetucket River condition by calling 860-456-4115.  Breaker is OPEN is good...river is fishable.  Breaker is CLOSED means the river is high due to releasing water and better to avoid. Try streamers in varying colors, buggers, leeches, etc.

We stopped by the Natchaug at dusk and trout are holding in some of the deeper pools, however the flow is very low, but the water is surprisingly cool.

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  1. Very cool! We are CT based and will be planning a trip out to the Eastern part of the state shortly. Any suggestions?