Friday, February 12, 2010


Have an I-Phone?  Do you fly fish?  You NEED this app!

RiverGuide for Kayakers  (link opens iTunes), by developer Wayne Daley, is equally as useful for fly fisherman by  providing real-time streamflow information throughout the U.S. The app has a very logical layout — the first screen you see breaks the country into seven regions. Tapping on the appropriate region shows a list of states, and then tapping on the state displays an alphabetized list of rivers or river segments. For each river, RiverGuide for Kayakers displays the time and date that the streamflow information was recorded, the cubic feet per second (cfs) that the river is running, and a wave icon signifying high, medium or low relative water level.

I have been in contact with Wayne and he is quick to add new rivers and updates on any river with a USGS gauge. He recently added a daily and weekly stream chart.

At $1.99, RiverGuide for Kayakers is an absolute bargain for fishermen who can use the up-to-date info before heading to the river or stream.    And be sure to keep your iPhone (and your VADO video cam) dry while you’re out there on the river with an  AquaPac.

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