Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blackstone River RI at flood stage 3/31/2010

The Blackstone River is a put and take trout fishery between May and late June, and again in the autumn. It is generously stocked with large (12+") browns and rainbows and is easily waded during normal conditions in the Ashton section of Cumberland and Lincoln, RI. The river features a solid black caddis hatch, occassional BWO and sulphurs and provides some relief for fly fisherman from the heavily pressured Wood River in southern RI. The following video was taken during the recent flood conditions in RI. Normally this section of the river is easily waded to thigh high depth! It will take a week or more for the Blackstone to return to normal depth. The deck of Ashton Mill shown in the video is usually 8-10 feet above the water level.

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