Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pre-Opener report...Moosup River, CT

Moosup River in Central Village (Plainfield) CT is a TMA, catch and release and thus open year round. The past few days, post flood waters, has shown lots of early stoneflies and hungry newly stocked fish. Not many looking up as yet, but did manage to take a brown on top with a stimulator. This is a lovely stretch of river, directly behind the Quinebaug Trout hatchery, with easy parking and access via the yellow trail. The Moosup empties into the Quinebaug, downstream of the hatchery. Deep runs, pools and riffles amidst wooded forest area provides good cover and cool water. Stocking reports show that some 2200 trout are stocked in the TMA, with 7000 throughout the Moosup system. There are holdovers; I had a solid 18 incher on hook for several minutes in fast current and couldn't get him to hand to see if he was a holdover or not...oh well!
This river originates in RI, and receives little fishing pressure with stocking by RIDEM not seemingly spread out although there are some very nice stretches of river on the RI side.
For now, stonefly nymphs fished deep will produce all the fun you would want! Terrific looking dry fly water and in a few weeks with the emergence of early-season mayflies, the on-top action will materialize! Hopefully by then the pale,dreary looking browns and rainbows will have colored up a bit! There are some BIG fish in this TMA; Fished the Mooosup, or any other Eastern CT rivers? Let me know your thoughts! I will not be overly specific with locations in these public posts, but hope to provide some level of interest for those who haven't fished some of the less well-known streams and rivers of Eastern Ct and RI. Drag free!


  1. Any suggestions of where to fish the Moosup in RI? I fish mostly the Wood and tributaries, but I'd like to try the Moosup.

  2. email me at
    I'll give you some ideas.