Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday on the Shetucket River

Black Friday resembled opening day of trout season with popular runs filled with fly fishers on what was a warm late fall day.  The Atlantics are there, no doubt!  Enticing them to strike a fly is another story.  Here's Jay, a Shetucket regular who told us he had 10 landed salmon to his credit this season with a spectacular fish!  All of 33" in length as he measured him out before carefully releasing.  Jay said he "never" fishes black but this beauty took what resembles a small wooly bugger, maybe 8-10 in size and all black. BLACK FRIDAY????   It certainly was for Jay!!   GREAT fish Jay, I'm pleased to have been a witness to the battle.  Kudos, since I had hard-fished the exact same run earlier in the day!

Here's hoping for a few more warm days before we move into 2013!
DRAG FREE everyone!

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  1. Tom, Many thanks for taking the time to photograph this fish! It was a great pleasure to meet you on the river and get connected with Team7X. Jay