Friday, November 9, 2012

SALMON on the Shetucket

The CT DEP stocks excess broodstock Atlantic salmon on the Shetucket and Naugatuck Rivers in October/November.  The Shetucket receives 300-400 fish stocked below the Scotland dam.  Here are the best access points.  Team 7x spent a warm afternoon on the Shetucket, before hurricane Sandy with some success!

This nice Atlantic in the 4-5 pound range showed in a fast,deep riffle and hit a 2/0 deciever when swung in front of him.  What fun on a 5 weight as he took several leaps and runs before giving in.  He was promptly released since this is a catch-and-release regulated area until November 1.

This saltwater deceiver tied on a 2/0 hook with 3x tippet on a sinking leader did the trick!  We broke several fish off on a Mickey Finn as well.  They seemed to prefer hanging in the deeper seams between fast and slow water.  Pick a nice day and get to the Shetucket for some fall salmon!  They're not easy...but they are there!


The Scotland dam releases water unpredictably!  Within minutes on the afternoon we were there, not far below the dam, the water level rose a good 12", forcing us to hustle off the river!

BEFORE YOU GO...Call the recorded dam info line at 860-456-4115.  If the message says BREAKER OPEN, the water will be low and wadeable.  IF the message says BREAKER CLOSED, it's not worth the trip since the water will be high.

Email us at for specifics on access or see the stocking map link above if you are planning to go.

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