Thursday, May 27, 2010

Natchaug River 5/26/2010

The river exploded last night on black caddis! Of course it was around 8:15 and that left little in the way of daylight. I fished a black on top with a small shuck with success, including a nice holdover brown, since the fish were keyed on the emergers. Earlier some success on small sulphur yellow spinners which were on the water in decent numbers. Lots of fish in this river...get out and do some exploring. I see VERY few fly fishermen in the areas I frequently fish. I expect the next few week to be prime!

Drag free!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Natchaug River Update!

Finally we have some rising fish in good numbers on the Natchaug. The water level is low but just right and the fish are rising to sulphur emergers in late afternoon and early evening. Just recently I observed them switch over to caddis emergers at dark, as the tan and black caddis appeared.

It is not uncommon to watch the beautiful sulphur duns float unmolested down the feeding lanes as the fish take emergers with a rolling subtle rise. We did manage a few on usuals,parachutes and traditional sulphur drys, but a yellow soft hackle or sulphur emerger fished in the film or just under the surface was a better choice. As the caddis appeared, the rises became more splashy as the fast moving emergers came to the surface.

Low clear and slow moving calls for 6x or lower. I have gone to 7x when confronted with refusals and if your knots are good, tippet fresh, you'll have no problem.

Also spent some time on the Moosup and Quinebaug with few rising fish to report on the Moosup as yet. We did find risers on the Quinebaug with limited success. Let me know your observations if you regularly fish the rivers of eastern CT! Drag free!