Tuesday, February 23, 2021


The year 'round streams that we fish in Eastern CT are due for early stocking anytime now; Moosup River, Willimantic River, Yantic River are all good choices for finding trout prior to official opening day.  Be sure to check the maps at CTDEEP to be sure you're in the right section since the entire river lengths are not ALL designated as year 'round.

The cold early winter and high flows put a damper on Shetucket River Atlantic Salmon fishing after a good late fall start.  We witnessed one angler take 3 nice fish in rapid succession from one of our favorite runs; CTDEEP stocked approximately 420 salmon including the second stocking of larger fish.  There are some great sections on the Shetucket and we hope to explore more of the trout opportunities this spring before it warms.

Some recent great finds on the web as the long winter, not to mention the L-O-N-G year (2020 and onward)  rolls on:

CJ's Fly Box:  Very nice site for hand-tied flies with a presence on ETSY as well.  Check out                                    his sparkle patterns!

Fish Fishing Flies:  Want to fish traditional English wet flies this spring?  Here's the site for you...reasonable and a great selection.  Been wanting to fish the classic Greenwell's Glory?  Several patterns here.  Give the jolly chaps, Tom and Rob a look.

Rigs Fly Shop:  Spencer will set you up with some fine deals and solid selection. We bit the bullet and ponied up for this Abel Vaya with engraving.  Can't wait to put it on the 4 weight!

CrossCurrents Fly Shop:  Another full service fly shop with some great specials on fly line, etc.  Talk to Ben if you're heading to the Missouri this year.

Classic Flyfisherman:  Looking for a classic?  Robert offers a great selection of classic rods, reels and equipment.  Easy to work with, answers all questions promptly.  That classic Hardy Perfect one you always wanted??  Talk to Bob!

Troutfinder:  Great ETSY site for sparkle dun patterns.  Perfect selection for our trout streams.

Of course don't forget our friends with links along side the post...Grady at Upcountry, Chris at Christopher Fave hand-tied leaders, the folks at Discount Flies Online and if Montana's in your future, Craig Matthews at Blue Ribbon Flies is the man!

Stay healthy and safe everyone, 2021 can only be better as we anticipate Spring, clear days, clear rivers and streams and rising trout!