Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday on the Farmington River

Friday 7/8, cloudy, overcast, most of the day but fine conditions for rising trout on the best game in town these days.  With the low and warm water conditions in most of the freestones, the Farmington remains steady in cold and clear water release from the dam.  BWO's, and a few caddis early led to rising fish in the usual spots and early on I managed a fat 17+ inch brown on a soft hackle pasted up.  I had been on the river Monday for a few hours and knew where this gal was, haven risen her but missed then.  After a slack period, sure enough, the early afternoon brought the flotilla of minature sailboats...NEEDHAMIs!!

A size 22 did the trick on several nice fish and a bunch of no-hook-ups as it's always a challenge trying to stick the big Farmington browns on a size 22! (ON 7X OF COURSE) Watch closely for the subtle rises to this tiny dun, the bigger fish are far from splashy when on this offering.

See Grady at Up Country for the right needhami patterns.  Later around 6:00pm we took nice fish on Isonychias, size 14 as the trout began looking for this larger offering.  Heavy rain hit shortly thereafter, wiping out most of "prime time."

The levels, flows, clarity and temps on the Farmington are perfect with plenty of overlapping hatches producing lots of rising fish.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Simms announces a return to felt!

Interesting that Simms has taken a lead in reintroducing felt soles.  We at TEAM7x are taking proper precautions with our felt soles and encourage everyone to do so.  This is good news for the safety of wading fly fishermen and women everywhere.  We have heard no one  with on stream experience tell us that the rubber based wading shoes are in any way equal to or safer than felt.  We welcome your opinions either way, but we're STICKING with felt and studs!  See the Simms 411 here...