Saturday, March 12, 2022


Many of our loyal fly fishing followers know that as of March 4, 2022, TROUT SEASON IS OPEN on all rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.  As in 2021 this "soft" opening is scheduled to become a permanent yearly condition, pending some regulation work by CTDEEP.

Certainly this benefits smaller stream fly fishers; no trout massacre on the former traditional opening date; less crowded conditions in light of the ongoing COVID concerns.  Other than adding a few weeks in March to our normal Spring fishing plans not much changes.  Our freestones are largely done for the season around mid-June as flows drop and water heats up and insects disappear.

Certainly the biggest benefit,  in our opinion is the end of the one-day onslaught with trash barrels full with stringers of  discarded trout that the opening day crowd had no intention of keeping. Perhaps great sport for kids for one day but not for dedicated fly fishers who enjoy exploring the freestones.

With a season limited by water conditions anyway, fly fishers have more opportunity to find open space and willing trout during the peak insect hatches.  All in all probably a good strategy by the folks at CTDEEP who do an admirable job in supporting our freestone trout fishery.  Of course year round fly fishing  continues on the Farmington with regulations that certainly benefit fly fishers.

Our TEAM7xer Steve is at it again!  Neither cold air temps or freezing water could keep him from his recent quest to take a pike on the fly!  Fishing a spot on the CT River, known for pike cruising close to shore, he scored!

Great Job Steve, we have now dubbed you the PIKE GURU!

See you on the water!