Monday, May 11, 2015

Natchaug River redux!

Conditions remain good, hatches strong, and rising trout…for now.  Rain is needed as the flows lessen daily.  Good news is the nighttime temps are keeping the water relatively cool.

Our guest, Pete from nearby CT enjoyed an outing with us and had success with Hendrickson's and later in the evening, spinners.  We worked with him on getting the fly in the right place, drag control and light pressure when setting the hook following a take.  It worked and Pete brought a very nice rainbow to hand among others.

Hendricksons were about in mid afternoon and spinners followed at dusk.  Here is a beautiful 3-tailed Hendrickson semi-spent, we captured in the film.

Hopefully we'll get some rain, but for now the trout are looking up.  May be sulphurs soon!  We have some openings, but I wouldn't wait too long as flows are dropping daily.

DRAG FREE everyone!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Natchaug River Lights UP for CINCO DE MAYO!

Our guests, Ralph and Dave from nearby MA, experienced a great late afternoon/evening on the Natchaug on May 5.  Not counting, but well over 20 fish between them.

Dave above, after several misses on a few fussy fish, tied on one of Everett's soft hackles, pasted it up and drifted it in the film and took 3 nice rainbows in succession. The softie on selective fish, with the wings pasted up always seems to work.
The guys fished Hendricksons for the most part to rising fish throughout the outing.

Ralph, above took this nice rainbow on a light Hendrickson size 14, a far cry from the size 32's he ties for the Swift River in MA!
Later at dusk, 2-tailed spinners filled the air, quill body, likely Quill Gordon spinners.  Rusty spinners size 14 and a male quill body Hendrickson with the wings flattened down took several more fish as darkness fell.  There were just enough spinners dropping to have the trout looking up, but plenty more going about their business, perhaps falling the following AM. A few caddis were around as well.

It was a great outing with 2 fine fishermen and a pleasure to introduce them to the Natchaug which is in great condition NOW.  Rain will be needed shortly to keep the flows up.  Just us on a most prolific part of the river, no one else in sight!

We're at Charlie Brown Campground on Saturday, May 8 for a free casting clinic.  Stop by if you're in the area.  Look for our banner and the signs.