Thursday, May 30, 2024

Evenings on the Natchaug have been GOOD!

We've had some solid afternoon and evenings up to now as the levels and flow remain solid with the sporadic rainfall.

Early on the Blue Quills were to go-to mayfly followed by some Hendricksons (not a prolific hatch by any means!) a few March Browns and the usual caddis.  The caddis were not as active as we've seen in past years and a few sulphur are beginning to show.

Blue Quills were the go-to early on

Takes some effort to find rising trout on some days,  but there are solid holdovers from the fall stocking in selected areas. We've taken a number of 14" to 16" browns that based on energy and size may very well be holdovers in some of the lightly pressured areas we fish.  Some BIG browns 18" and up are there and evenings are naturally the best time.  Spinner patterns can always be counted on!

Team7x's Steve took this nice brown on a soft hackle, a solid choice fished in the surface film.

Early June looks good as long as we get a normal dose of rain and no extreme temps.

Most all to the gear listed on our previous post has been sold on behalf of a long time Team7x member.   A Sage 8' DS2 5 wt., 2 piece  remains.
If anyone is interested in Renzetti or Dyna-King vises, let us know.  We also have a huge assortment of fly tying materials in a FishPond travel bag including a number of Whiting hackle.

Annual Catskills trip is just around the corner!