Friday, March 25, 2016

Opening Day 2016 approaches!

Stonefly time as the air and temps rise on the Yantic River and Moosup River in eastern CT.  Won't be long before the Paraleps (mahogany duns) 16/18 and the Larger quills and Hendricksons make their annual Spring appearance.

Everett tied some great looking stonefly patterns to mimic what we saw fishing the Yantic recently.  We had mid-afternoon rising trout with normal flows and a 52 degree water temp; surprisingly warm for this early in the Spring. With the down wing, they'll likely work as the smaller winter caddis as well.

We'll be back at the campgrounds along the Natchaug in May/June, schedule to be confirmed, with our free casting clinics.  Campers get first choice but we usually have room if you want to join us…stay tuned for dates.  Our PRIVATE mail list is now well over 250 fly fishing friends.  If you or a friend would like our regular stream and river updates email us at and we'll add you.
With reduced winter snow pack and lack of heavy rains, conditions could get dicey as we approach June/July. We keep our subscribers up-to-date with our no-nonsense reports.

CT now requires a guide license for those of us offering on-water services.  We're registered and ready to go for our "EVENINGS" program on the Natchaug or Shetucket depending on conditions.  Need to fine-tune your presentations, get that drag-free drift or just improve on your dry fly selections? We can help and show you some areas along the rivers and streams you may not be aware of that hold consistently rising trout.
 April 9 is season opener in CT and RI for all trout rivers/streams, not a day that we go shoulder to shoulder with the worm and hardware chuckers!

See you on the river after the 9th!


Tom & Everett and all at TEAM7x