Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Salmon on the Shetucket River!

Another nice fall day on the Shetucket River in eastern CT.  With the recent stocking of 250 excess broodstock Atlantic Salmon by the CTDEEP, they're spread out from the Scotland Dam downstream. The number of fish are down sharply from years past and it takes some work to find the best holding water.


A self photo while landing this one

We were able to take 3 nice 5 lb. class fish on this cool day.  A week earlier our guests Dave and Ralph teamed up to take another nice salmon from a perfect holding spot.

Everett with a nice one!

We had several follows and bumps on other salmon that showed themselves.  Mickey Finn streamers have been successful, but traditional small salmon flies, with a jungle cock eye and some yellow/blue resulted in both the above fish.

Our guest Ralph with a nice Atlantic salmon on a shirtsleeve day!

Dave had several misses on the fish above and turned over his spot to Ralph while making a fly change.  Ralph on in relief, hooked up for a true TEAM EFFORT...nice job guys, we were happy to get you in the right spot after a slow morning.

It's never too late...we can help you get to the right holding spots with the right patterns...then it's up to you!


Saturday, September 24, 2016


AUTUMN ARRIVES with cooler air and water temps, but no noticeable improvement in flows on the eastern freestones. One exception is the Upper Delaware tailwaters in the lower Catskills of NY, about a 4 hour trip from CT/RI area.

We can recommend accommodations, etc., if you plan on making the trip. Click on the CATSKILL FLIES link for the latest updates.

TEAM7x spent a long weekend recently in the Catskills where the Willowemoc and Beaverkill flows were way below normal and unfishable for the most part.  The West Branch Delaware was subject to high flows until Sunday and remained a bit off color; little success in finding reliable hatches and rising trout!

HOWEVER, on the always reliable Upper East Branch Delaware, one of our favorites, we found a solid hatch of BWO's, Saturday evening and again from noon on Sunday.  There were a few Trico spinners and midge in the mix.  On one of our favorite EB secluded pools we hit the jackpot with trout rising and rolling throughout.  The BWO duns got a free ride, as the trout were clearly taking the emerger just under the surface.

The flashback emerger similar to above, size 20, dead-drifted just under the surface did the trick. 6 and 7x of course!  We took some beautifully colored solid wild browns from 12-18" throughout the afternoon before the 4 hour return trip.

The East Branch is much like the private spring creeks of the West for those familiar.  It remains a favorite of ours and requires long leaders, drag free drifts and a stealthy approach, exactly the scenario we love to explore!

Will keep you posted on the Atlantic Salmon/Shetucket program...hopefully.  Otherwise, even the Farmington is suffering from low flows, with some areas closed for thermal refuge for the trout.  Be sure to click on the UPCOUNTRY link for updated conditions.

After 10 years, Fly Fishing Benefactors is closing.  We were proud to be Pro Staff for FFB and wish Craig and his folks all the best.  We'll be announcing a new Pro Staff relationship shortly!

See the article from Scott Travers of RIDEM and our involvement with education in "CASTING IT FORWARD" here:

Tom & Everett

Monday, August 15, 2016


Senator Cathy Osten has responded as follows to our recent inquiry on the continuation of the Atlantic Salmon stocking program on the Shetucket River in eastern CT:

Dear Tom,
Thank you for your e-mail.
As co-chair of the legislature’s Sportsmen’s Caucus, I’m actively working with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection on the Atlantic Salmon stocking and other programs.  While the department is planning to reduce the state’s trout stock, I understand that they do intend to maintain the Atlantic Salmon program.
I will keep you posted as I learn more.
Catherine A. Osten
State Senator, 19th District
Assistant President Pro Tempore
Proudly representing the residents of Columbia, Franklin, Hebron, Lebanon, Ledyard, Lisbon, Marlborough, Montville, Norwich, and Sprague
Legislative Office Building, Room 2100
Hartford, CT  06106

Barring any changes, we'll have another great fall fishing opportunity!  We have access to some great runs on the Shetucket (see Jeff's 1st salmon above) and will be booking day trips once the program begins. Visit us on for latest news.

DRAG FREE, pray for rain!

Tom & Everett

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New fly fisher men and women!

Our program at Exeter/West Greenwich High in RI was a great success.  Here are the great young folks who participated with their certificates in basic fly fishing presented by TEAM7x and RI DEM

The  presentation followed our final session on-water at Carolina trout pond in western RI.  Everyone caught fish on flies they tied and did a great job casting nice loops!

This volunteer effort is part of our "Casting It Forward" program which we're always ready to offer to schools, non-profits, scout groups and the like.  Hopefully we're creating lifelong, environmentally conscious, fly fishers!

DRAG FREE everyone…trout fishing on the freestones is SLOW…more updates shortly.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Tom Daniels and Everett Thornton of TEAM7x Flyfishing have partnered with the RI DEM’s Aquatic Resources Education, volunteer program, to teach fly fishing basics at Exeter-West Greenwich High School. Under the direction of teacher Marcy Ward, students in the Wildlife Management course elective will learn the basics of fly tying, fly casting and tips and techniques for fly fishing for trout. Five classes are planned, with actual on-water trout fly fishing as the final session.

 “We’re excited to be working with Kim Sullivan and Scott Travers of RI DEM’s aquatic education unit to promote fly fishing among a great group of environmentally conscious students at EWG. For us, this is a continuation of our “CASTING IT FORWARD” volunteer efforts with private campgrounds and other groups in RI and eastern CT to attract newcomers to fly fishing,” said Tom Daniels of TEAM7x. “The students are quick learners and did a great job as first-time fly tiers in our initial session, commented Everett Thornton. “We’ll be working on some advanced fly patterns as we continue, with the class divided between fly casting outside and work on the fly bench. In our on water session, students will use their own tied flies.”

"Casting it Forward" at Charlie Brown!

 In addition, TEAM7x covers equipment basics, trout stream anatomy and tips and techniques for new fly fishers. “Our goal is develop an initial interest in fly fishing which will hopefully lead to a lifelong pursuit,” said Tom. We practice catch and release, and by nature fly fishers are a strong environmentally conscious group.”

 TEAM7x principals are members of Trout Unlimited, the International Federation of Fly Fishers, the Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association, and registered fishing guides in Connecticut.

 Are you "CASTING IT FORWARD?" Teach a newcomer to fly fish today!

PS:  The Natchaug River is fishing great right now…WE HAVE OPENINGS for an "Evening on the Natchaug"


Friday, March 25, 2016

Opening Day 2016 approaches!

Stonefly time as the air and temps rise on the Yantic River and Moosup River in eastern CT.  Won't be long before the Paraleps (mahogany duns) 16/18 and the Larger quills and Hendricksons make their annual Spring appearance.

Everett tied some great looking stonefly patterns to mimic what we saw fishing the Yantic recently.  We had mid-afternoon rising trout with normal flows and a 52 degree water temp; surprisingly warm for this early in the Spring. With the down wing, they'll likely work as the smaller winter caddis as well.

We'll be back at the campgrounds along the Natchaug in May/June, schedule to be confirmed, with our free casting clinics.  Campers get first choice but we usually have room if you want to join us…stay tuned for dates.  Our PRIVATE mail list is now well over 250 fly fishing friends.  If you or a friend would like our regular stream and river updates email us at and we'll add you.
With reduced winter snow pack and lack of heavy rains, conditions could get dicey as we approach June/July. We keep our subscribers up-to-date with our no-nonsense reports.

CT now requires a guide license for those of us offering on-water services.  We're registered and ready to go for our "EVENINGS" program on the Natchaug or Shetucket depending on conditions.  Need to fine-tune your presentations, get that drag-free drift or just improve on your dry fly selections? We can help and show you some areas along the rivers and streams you may not be aware of that hold consistently rising trout.
 April 9 is season opener in CT and RI for all trout rivers/streams, not a day that we go shoulder to shoulder with the worm and hardware chuckers!

See you on the river after the 9th!


Tom & Everett and all at TEAM7x

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rio Malleo, Patagonia, Argentina, 2016

Once again Matt and Tom of TEAM7x enjoyed a wonderful week on the Rio Malleo, Patagonia's finest dry fly trout stream. The San Huberto Lodge owns 16 miles of exclusive access to the Malleo.
With Omar "Banana" Martinez, the area's top guide, we spent dawn to dusk casting dries to rising wild trout, in tight holding areas, sometimes battling gusty Patagonian winds.

Banana readies lunch on a cool day.

Caddis were present throughout the day but largely ignored by the larger trout.  They picked off the mayflies and our BWO, adams, and floating soft hackle patterns along with occasional emergers just under the surface.

This rainbow took several fly changes before "making the mistake!"

Naturally the bigger fish, our targets, were in tight quarters along banks, blowdowns and overhanging willows but were eager to take our offerings once we battled the breezes to get the drag free drift! We'd take several rainbows on size 14's and 16's then they'd stop.  Dropping down to 18's and 20's, it was game on again.

The Browns were usually down deep and would occasionally rise to the dry.  Matt took this brown when Banana rerigged his outfit with 3x and a Chernobyl Ant and told him "put the fly there!"  Not cast, but drop the fly in a spot where he had spotted the fish hugging the bottom earlier in a tight blowdown. BANG!

With the Volcan Lanin always in the background, abundant wildlife, gauchos herding cattle and spectacular dry fly trout fishing on the Rio Malleo, Patagonia needs to be on everyone's bucket list…truly a world class destination!

At day's end around 9:00 pm, cocktail hour and a first class Argentinean  meal awaited!

San Huberto's Michelle enjoys a Manhattan!
Happy 2016 to all…keep in touch and visit with us at the CFFA Fly Fishing Expo on February 6, at Maneely's in South Windsor, CT.  We plan to have the Fly Fishing Benefactor's reels and accessories on display, some classic rods for sale and Everett and Bob will be fly tying!

Tom/Everett/ Matt/Jeff and all the TEAM7xers!