Friday, May 8, 2020

Eastern CT Fly Fishing Update

River conditions in eastern CT remain very fishable after last weeks deluge.  These freestones drop quickly after a heavy rain and allow us to get back to ideal conditions. 

We've taken a number of nice Rainbows in recent days on the Natchaug.  These well-colored, energetic trout seem to be fall holdovers based on size and activity level.  The blue quill/mahogany dun patterns have worked well as that species is about done for now.  We've seen a few Hendricksons but not in abundance.  BWO's are in the mix as well.  Tan caddis were just starting on the Natchaug and veteran angler Steve took this nice rainbow on an elk hair tan pattern.  The coloration suggests this fish has been in the system since last fall. He's tried the custom tied 10' leader from Chris Fave on the Farmington recently and reports that it straightens and turns over beautifully.  Give his leaders a try; you won't be disappointed!




Another fine eastern CT trout stream offers 2 Trout Management areas, a fly fishing only section and some good access.  From Lebanon, CT thru Bozrah, CT and on into Norwich, CT the Yantic features a solid caddis hatch which we experienced just a week ago.  Tan caddis were abundant in the late afternoon and provided some solid action. THIS LINK give give you all you need to fish this fine stream.  As with all eastern CT freestones, now thru June are the ideal weeks before low water and high water temps shut things down.


The early season hatches have been sporadic on the Natchaug River.  If you're a dry fly/emerger fly fisherman, you will find rising trout, but it's a waiting game right now.  Our success rate on taking a rising trout either with a solid raise or with a sipping, softer showing has been high.  It's not uncommon, at least for now, to wait and search the water for clues for blocks of time.  BUT, isn't that what those of us who choose this method are accustomed to??  Nothing against blind casting to likely spots, it's all good.

The caddis hatch on the Yantic recently was very prolific, cloud like in spots.  Yet we're just seeing the tans on the Natchaug.  Ups and downs with flows maybe?  It was encouraging to see them dancing off the riffles and trout moving on them just in the last few days.  Hendricksons?  Who knows, we've seen years where this is a solid hatch following the Blue Quills and Quill Gordons.  Maybe in the next week or so?  Then the sulfurs?  Again in years past this was a wonderful hatch on the Natchaug; not so recently.  Conditions change, the trout are there, be patient and stay safe!  In that regard we've seen virtually no one in the areas we fish.  If you're willing to walk and explore, you'll find solitude and safety.  Again, IF YOU FREQUENT THE STATE TROUT PARK AREA, you will NOT be alone.  Be cautious!  The Farmington River is wonderful but cautious.

Many of us have booked late spring/summer trips to the Catskills, the West and other areas.  Most if not all operators, accommodation people, etc. are flexible with deposits as we move forward in this unknown area of lockdowns, social distancing and the like.  In the meantime, we hope you will find some enjoyment on a local stream.  There are plenty of choices and the CT DEEP website has all the info.