Friday, January 21, 2022


 Hello everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our loyal followers.  It's been a while for an update and challenges to our wellbeing remain ahead.  Please stay safe and careful until we can get on-water ASAP in the Spring!

Well, when most of us are shut down for the typical winter cold weather conditions, there are exceptions.

Our diehard TEAM7x member, Steve continues to subject himself to 30+ degree water in search of SALMON ON THE SHETUCKET.  With the albie season behind him, Steve just can't put the rod away!

He's first to admit, a hour in the frigid water is about enough.  Looks like that's all the time it takes.

A recent Shetucket Atlantic Salmon beauty!

A couple of Steve's successful patterns.

Anyone else been braving the winter conditions?  Let us know at and we'll post your pics and info.

Meanwhile it's a good time for bargains as many on line retailers are offering specials on all kinds of gear, lines, rods (like we need more right?) reels etc.  We highly recommend you try Chris Fave's hand tied leaders this Spring, especially if you're a dry fly guy or gal.  He has a solid SALE going on now!

You might want to review some of our archive posts on butt sections, leaders, etc as you enjoy your coffee or adult beverage of choice by the fireside while waiting for the first shot at Spring!  Likely the CTDEEP will soft open the trout season again in 2022 and licenses are available on line.

Sadly once again the CFFA, CT Fly Fisherman's Assoc., has cancelled, in an abundance of caution for health concerns, its annual event and show, always a welcome outing in the winter months.
We highly recommend joining this fine organization.

Stay warm, stay safe, be careful and as always...