Sunday, May 1, 2016


Tom Daniels and Everett Thornton of TEAM7x Flyfishing have partnered with the RI DEM’s Aquatic Resources Education, volunteer program, to teach fly fishing basics at Exeter-West Greenwich High School. Under the direction of teacher Marcy Ward, students in the Wildlife Management course elective will learn the basics of fly tying, fly casting and tips and techniques for fly fishing for trout. Five classes are planned, with actual on-water trout fly fishing as the final session.

 “We’re excited to be working with Kim Sullivan and Scott Travers of RI DEM’s aquatic education unit to promote fly fishing among a great group of environmentally conscious students at EWG. For us, this is a continuation of our “CASTING IT FORWARD” volunteer efforts with private campgrounds and other groups in RI and eastern CT to attract newcomers to fly fishing,” said Tom Daniels of TEAM7x. “The students are quick learners and did a great job as first-time fly tiers in our initial session, commented Everett Thornton. “We’ll be working on some advanced fly patterns as we continue, with the class divided between fly casting outside and work on the fly bench. In our on water session, students will use their own tied flies.”

"Casting it Forward" at Charlie Brown!

 In addition, TEAM7x covers equipment basics, trout stream anatomy and tips and techniques for new fly fishers. “Our goal is develop an initial interest in fly fishing which will hopefully lead to a lifelong pursuit,” said Tom. We practice catch and release, and by nature fly fishers are a strong environmentally conscious group.”

 TEAM7x principals are members of Trout Unlimited, the International Federation of Fly Fishers, the Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association, and registered fishing guides in Connecticut.

 Are you "CASTING IT FORWARD?" Teach a newcomer to fly fish today!

PS:  The Natchaug River is fishing great right now…WE HAVE OPENINGS for an "Evening on the Natchaug"