Friday, February 22, 2019


Omar "Banana" Martinez has guided us on the famed Rio Malleo and Rio Chimehuin in the Patagonia region of Argentina.  His passion for fly fishing and his knowledge are unmatched.
If you plan to take a trip to the world-class Patagonian rivers, Banana is your guy! He offers the ultimate experience for a once in a lifetime journey!

Banana Martinez

Banana grew up in the hey day of boca fishing on this home water the Rio Correntosso.  He watched the seemingly endless supply of monster fish start to dwindle during the eighties.  As a guide and a local fly shop owner the fish were his passion and his profession.  Instead of giving up on the river and its fish he rallied the tiny local community around the cause to save the fish.  With a local radio drive he raised money to create an artificial spawning facility and research station.  He also undertook the tough task of changing the tropy fishing culture to one of catch and release sustainability.  He started with the local school children making them a part of the fish's lifecyle.  Banana's efforts are some of the first of its kind in Argentina where his passion and intelligent approach are a role model for future efforts.