Friday, June 12, 2020


Eastern CT freestones have peaked for the Spring trout fishing season.  After April and May successes on the Natchaug, Yantic and Shetucket, conditions have slowed to a crawl.  The Salmon River closer to central CT provided some great evening hatches and eager trout!  Most of what we were seeing this Spring were rainbows; some on the Natchaug appearing to be fall holdovers, feisty and well colored in excess of the usual 12" stockies.

As to hatches, we saw a return of sulphurs to the Natchaug, not prolific by any means.  Caddis hatches were sparse with the usual black caddis missing in action.  Hendricksons and March Browns were few and far between.  Not really sure what's going on, but a river that normally produced steady progressive spring hatches over the years, did not in 2020.  Climate? Flows up and down?  Really the Blue Quills were the only solid early hatch.  Not much mayfly action on the Yantic, but the tan caddis were solid.  Too late in the Spring season by the time the Shetucket became wadeable and safely fishable.  Temps are approaching 70 degrees in all freestones as the trout will seek cooler areas.


Chris Fave sent along some of his hand-tied leaders, 10 footers in 5 and 6x.  As we've stressed before, these leader turn your fly over like no other. We've handed out several to friends, guests and "team mates" and the verdict is in!  Outstanding performance far exceeding usual mono tapered one piece leader.

Give 'em a try and tell us what you think!

A special thanks to the folks at AQUAMIRA.  The filtered water bottle below is 15 years old, the filter worn out and following an email to the company, a new filter appeared in a few days, NO CHARGE!
Great customer service An obviously we highly recommend this company and their products!

The Patagonia sling pack you see in the photo is their vest front sling model, now several years old. I was able to obtain a new one (just in case Patagonia discontinues)  although I don't know why they would!  The folks at FlyFishers Fly Shop offered a limited time 50% off! Another great on-line shop!

If you're considering a water repellent, adjustable sling pack, this one may be for you...

A quick inventory... Up front 4 fly boxes, patch, flotant, nippers and drying chamois, zippered  3 spool tippet pocket, forceps holder. Inside...zippered pocket for extra Chris Fave leaders.

Rear small pocket...thermometer, fly paste, eyeglass cleaner.
Large pocket...4  (or 5) additional fly boxes, rain jacket, TP, first aid kit, headlamp. waterproof pocket for licenses and of course the AQUAMIRA bottle fits perfectly in the lower mesh pouch.

As always we look forward to hearing from you.  Before long the fall Atlantic Salmon season on the Shetucket will be to us about a booking!  In the meantime, enjoy the Farmington, the Catskills and wherever the trout fishing remains solid...

and as always especially now, STAY SAFE and


From all of us at TEAM7x