Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Fly Fisher's Heaven!

TEAM 7x's Matt and Tom enjoyed the trip of a lifetime to the Patagonia region of Argentina for a week in early November…springtime in South America and the weather was perfect.  After a 9+ hour flight from Miami to Buenos Aires and a day of rest and sightseeing in BA, we left for San Martin de los Andes in the heart of the fly fishing mecca…PATAGONIA!

    Matt boarding the Citation for our 2 hour flight to San Martin…not a bad way to go at 400+MPH!

We were guests of the San Humberto Lodge after being met by Omar "Banana" Martinez our guide for the week.  This 6 generation working estancia borders 18 private miles of the Rio Malleo where we spent 3 glorious days sight fishing for slurping rainbows and browns, while enjoying the beauty of this region; the Volcan Lanin always in the background and wildlife galore.

                                                      Matt with a nice rainbow on a caddis!

The Rio Malleo is very much like a big spring creek; clear as gin, plenty of insect life and entirely wadeable…no drift boats!  In fact we never saw another soul on this portion of the river.  The fish are wild, spook easily but will rise to a well presented dry.  On only a few occasions in the always windy afternoons did we go below the surface with a floating nymph or a soft hackle fished in the film.  We both fished 5 weights the entire week with floating lines despite bringing 6 weights and assorted sinking lines along.

             I spent about 45 minutes and 5 fly changes on this sipper…he finally made the mistake!

Of the rivers and spring creeks I've fished out west, in NY state and in New England, nothing can compare with this absolutely perfect venue for fishing to rising trout!  A word about "Banana;"  no finer guide with 20 + years of experience throughout the Patagonia region.  He knew the river and got us to locations of the 18 mile stretch that would have taken days to scout out on our own.  We were on the river from 9 am to 8 pm with a break for a stream side fully prepared lunch, wine, and a "siesta" for Banana!

                                          Matt lands another one. Lanin in the background.

             Of course a Maker's Mark (or 2) back at the lodge before a superb dinner always works!

Off to Tipiliuke Lodge on the Rio Chimehuin for the next adventure!  Tipiliuke has hosted the ruler of Dubai, Tom Brokaw and many notables through the years and is a beautiful working cattle ranch with "gauchos" and all.  Again it's sprawling acerage provides access to miles of private water on the Chimmy.  This river is wider, faster flowing than the Malleo and in some ways, reminds me of the Madison.  With the spring runoff a bit more noticeable here, we concentrated on the many side channels, back eddys and seams for rising trout.  AND they were there!
               There's a whole story behind this rainbow…in a 40 mph afternoon Patagonian wind!

Again we spent full days on the river with superb meals at the lodge in the evening.  Our final evening on the Chimmy was bittersweet knowing this experience of a lifetime was drawing to a close…

                   Banana in his TEAM 7x hat!  This big brown sipped a size 18 soft hackle off the top.
                                       This memory will help speed along the winter months!

                                                           Tom and Matt…TEAM 7x

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Great Shetucket Day!

We are greeted with a  cool fall day on the Shetucket River last Friday as our guests joined us at our favorite salmon holding water.  Steve had a solid take on one of Everett's hand tied Mickey Finns and we immediately changed up to a smaller traditional salmon fly.  A couple of casts later he was into a solid 5 pound class 24" Atlantic salmon, his first! Several jumps and runs later, Steve did a great job bringing this beauty to hand, on a 5 weight no less!  We tried to set up for a photo but as luck would have it, the fish decided to display his leaping ability and….gone!  We've managed to hook up on each trip this fall as the water levels remain down with fewer dam releases and we've keyed in on the best holding areas.

Fishing should remain excellent thru December and CTDEP plans another stocking shortly.
Here's their latest report:

We have openings…let us know if you'd like to visit this exciting fall fishery!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Salmon Stocking on the Shetucket!

We were by chance at the Shetucket on Wednesday, October 3 and filmed a short video of the CTDEEP folks stocking the Atlantics.  We fished some of the holding areas, but these beauties were still figuring out what to do outside of the hatchery!  Should be good fishing in a few days! Took a few trout which are present in the runs and pools.

Remember to check the Shetucket River condition by calling 860-456-4115.  Breaker is OPEN is good...river is fishable.  Breaker is CLOSED means the river is high due to releasing water and better to avoid. Try streamers in varying colors, buggers, leeches, etc.

We stopped by the Natchaug at dusk and trout are holding in some of the deeper pools, however the flow is very low, but the water is surprisingly cool.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Stocking begins...

A quick update from CTDEEP's website:

DEEP’s fall trout stockings began this week. From now through mid October, DEEP is releasing 29,000 trophy and adult sized trout into selected waters throughout the state. Approximately 12,800 are trophy size brown trout (all greater than 12 inches in length) and the remaining 16,200 adults are standard size (9‐10 inch) rainbow trout. This week DEEP stocked over 10,000 trout (7,250 brown trout and 3,200 rainbow trout). 
Rivers and streams stocked this week: The Salmon River (1,000 brown trout in the TMA, 300 brown trout below the TMA), Moosup River TMA (300 brown trout), Yantic River TMA (350 brown trout), Natchaug River (1,000 brown trout) and Willimantic River TMA (300 brown trout) in eastern CT; and the Mill River TMA (200 brown trout), Saugatuck River TMA (250 brown trout), Mianus River TMA (300 brown trout) and the Sleeping Giant TMA (Mill River‐Hamden, 200 brown trout) in western CT. 

Let's hope the levels improve for a good fall season!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Salmon On The Shetucket!!

Great news as forwarded by Jeff of Team7x!  We are offering "Salmon on the Shetucket" guided outings this fall...email for details.  If you haven't fished the Shetucket, this river can be intimidating and certain pools and runs tend to offer the best chances for hooking one of the Atlantics!  We'll put you in the right locations with the right flies!

Drag Free!

DEEP Begins Fall Atlantic Salmon Stockings
Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) today announced that it has begun the 2013 autumn stockings of broodstock Atlantic salmon.  DEEP’s Inland Fisheries Division yesterday released 300 salmon into the Naugatuck River and Mount Tom Pond.  Later this week, DEEP will release 300 salmon into the Shetucket River and Crystal Lake (Ellington).
“Atlantic salmon are renowned for their size, beauty and fighting ability,” said Peter Aarrestad, Director of DEEP’s Inland Fisheries Division.  “The Atlantic salmon recreational fishery has become quite popular, and catching one of these large leapers provides a thrilling experience for anglers”
The Atlantic salmon being stocked in Connecticut were raised in the Kensington State Fish Hatchery and are the progeny of sea-run fish that returned to the Connecticut River.  Salmon at this hatchery were raised to provide eggs for the Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program that began in 1967.  Since 1992, surplus and spawned fish from this program were made available to provide a recreational fishery for Connecticut anglers.
In 2012 the Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program was discontinued due to storm damage at a federal hatchery and low returns of salmon in recent years.  DEEP subsequentlydeveloped a new “Legacy Program” to maintain the popular recreational fishery for Atlantic salmon in Connecticut and also to preserve the unique and potentially important stsouthern Atlantic salmon that had been developed during the restoration effort.
“DEEP will continue to stock salmon fry, although at a much reduced rate, into a limited number of areas with the best habitat on several tributaries to the Connecticut River that were part of the restoration program,” said Aarrestad.  “Continuing to spawn salmon at the hatchery will also allow a popular educational program, Salmon-in-Schools, to continue and assist with research of Atlantic salmon in natural habitats.”
The group of Atlantic salmon being released this week for the fishery range in weight from 2-6 pounds each.  In early October, approximately 400 additional fish in the same size range will be available for stocking.  Following spawning later this fall, DEEP expects several hundred additional salmon from the Kensington Hatchery will be available for stocking in November.  These fish will range in weight from 3 to 15 pounds each.
Atlantic salmon broodstock stocked in the Shetucket and Naugatuck Rivers are typically released into three designated Atlantic Salmon Broodstock Areas:
·         Between Scotland Dam (Scotland) and Occum Dam (Norwich) on the Shetucket River
·         The “Campville Section” of the upper Naugatuck River from Route 118 downstream to the Thomaston Flood Control Dam (Litchfield-Thomaston)
·         The “Beacon Falls Section” of the lower Naugatuck from Prospect Street (Naugatuck) downstream to Pines Bridge Road (Route 42 bridge, Beacon Falls).
Anglers are allowed to fish for salmon in the Naugatuck River from the confluence of the East and West Branches (Torrington) downstream to the Housatonic River (Derby).  Anglers may also fish for Atlantic salmon in the Housatonic River downstream of Derby Dam.  On the Shetucket River, anglers can fish for salmon downstream from the Scotland Dam (Windham) to the Water Street Bridge in Norwich (the first bridge upstream of Norwich Harbor).
In the Naugatuck, Housatonic and Shetucket Rivers, the daily creel limit for Atlantic salmon is one fish per day through September 30, 2013.  From October 1 through November 30, angling for Atlantic salmon is restricted to catch-and-release only. From December 1, 2013, through March 31, 2014, the daily creel limit for Atlantic salmon will be one.  During the open season in the rivers, the legal method for taking Atlantic salmon is limited to angling using a single fly, or an artificial lure with a single free swinging hook and no additional weight can be added to the line above the fly or lure.  Also, from October 1st through March 31st, fishing for other species in the designated Atlantic Salmon Broodstock Areas is restricted to the gear legal for Atlantic salmon.
In 2007 DEEP began stocking selected lakes with broodstock Atlantic salmon.  This fall, Mount Tom Pond and Crystal Lake are again being stocked.  Anglers may also very occasionally catch salmon that have held over from previous stockings of Beach Pond, Long Pond (Ledyard/North Stonington), Mashapaug Lake and Nells Rock Reservoir (Shelton).
The regulations for broodstock Atlantic salmon released into lakes and ponds are different from the regulations for salmon in the Naugatuck, Housatonic and Shetucket Rivers.  In each lake, the regulations for methods, seasons and minimum lengths for salmon are the same as for trout in that specific water body but the daily creel limit is one salmon per day.  The specific regulations for salmon fishing in lakes that have been stocked with Atlantic salmon can be found in the 2013 Connecticut Angler’s Guide and are also provided at the conclusion of this news release. The regulations for broodstock Atlantic salmon stocked into lakes and ponds will also be posted at each water body. Anglers can also contact DEEP’s Inland Fisheries Division (860-424-FISH) for more information.
All other regulations, including those for broodstock salmon in the Naugatuck, Housatonic and Shetucket Rivers, can also be found in the 2013 Connecticut Angler’s Guide, found online atwww.ct.gov/deep/anglersguide.  Print versions of the guides are available from many Town Clerks and bait & tackle stores, or by contacting DEEP’s Inland Fisheries Division (860-424-FISH).
Additional fishing and fisheries related information, including the Weekly Fishing Report, can be found on the DEEP Fisheries web pages at www.ct.gov/deep/fishing and on the Fisheries and Wildlife Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CTFishandWildlife.  This fall, anglers will find updates on DEEP’s broodstock Atlantic salmon stockings and the fall trout stockings in the Weekly Fishing Report, on the Fisheries webpage and on the Fisheries and Wildlife Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Will Conditions Improve for the Fall Season??

Levels and flows are dismal on the freestones in eastern CT and surrounding areas including the Wood River in RI as Everett reports, based on a recent outing.

The Farmington has experienced changing levels recently due to CTDEP sampling and rains.  The last few visits have been disappointing with windy conditions and sporadic hatches.  One blog that claims to be THE Farmington River authority has had little or no reports of significance in several weeks now.
Everett did visit the Swift recently with the same discouraging results for dry fly fishing to rising trout.

Let's hope for improving conditions as fall approaches...if you have any news to share, we'd be happy to post it up here...AND join our private mail list which continues to grow!

I've been fishing the DESCHUTES II reel on my 3 weight lately...perfectly balanced, high quality lightweight reel from Fly Fishing Benefactors which we proudly serve as Pro Staff.  Check out their great reels at extremely affordable prices and call Carl with any questions.

One of our fly casting clinic attendees at Timber Creek RV Resort in Westerly, RI recently purchased a ROSS JOURNEY outfit for his son's 11th birthday and reports that the youngster "loves the outfit."
We have a few remaining brand new lifetime guaranteed full outfits remaining...great for youngsters and women anglers.

We'll update as conditions and news develops and as always...

Thursday, August 1, 2013


They're here...those of you into astronomy know why the "dog days" occur in August...we flyfisher folk visit the only nearby game in town, the Farmington!

TEAM7x spent a cool...for a change...day on the Farmington on 7/31.  Hatches were infrequent although we managed some nice fish in the later evening as sulphurs made an appearance.  The smallish Needhami duns usually appear about now but none were present to speak of, nor were the  larger Isonychias; both part of the Mahogany Dun species.  NO caddis present as well.  All in all a slow day but great to be on the cool water (66 degrees) and in cooler temps.  Flows and levels are good and as soon as the insect activity picks up we should see more rising fish!

Earlier in the month we spent a rainy morning at Timber Creek RV Resort in Westerly, RI, continuing our series of no-charge casting lessons for an enthusiastic bunch of 10 folks, young and older and met some great newcomers to fly fishing!  Ed of Wilbraham, MA purchased a Ross youth outfit for his 10 year old son's birthday and reports that he "loves the outfit." He and several other youngsters who had never casted a fly rod picked up the skill quickly and made great strides in the 2 hour session.  All in all a fun time at a very lovely resort with a bass pond and only minutes from the Westerly beaches.  We also had a few salt water spin/cast guys try fly casting our 9 weight outfits for the first time under Everett's tutelage,  and they're ready to go!

We hope to return again next Spring and thanks to Carol and Wendy for arranging the session.  If any of you have or belong to a group, club, or organization that would like to add fly casting to your agenda, let us know.  We supply all the gear, rods, reels fully spooled, etc.  We'd especially like to fill in the Winter months doing some indoor sessions, if your group can access a proper location.

Back on the Farmington in the weeks ahead and we'll report more!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birthday or Special Occasion for the young angler?

During the “off season,” we set out to find the ideal outfit for young flyfishers since many of the folks at our casting lessons asked for suggestions.  We wanted to find a complete package, high quality, LIFETIME WARRANTY and at a very attractive price point. We have a few outfits remaining.

We are offering the Ross Journey Youth Fly Fishing Outfit through this SPECIAL OFFER to our fly fishing friends.  This is an ideal package for son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter by Ross, a Scientific Angler/3M company, now owned by Orvis, designed with younger folks in mind.  The 4 piece 7’6” rod with high quality reel, spooled with a 4 weight fly line and leader, padded carrying case and DVD geared to kids is an outstanding value.  Everett has examined the entire outfit in detail; it casts wonderfully and is balanced just right for the younger angler.  Women will also appreciate the smaller cork grip and the 7’6” length; and maybe the best part...break a tip, crush a ferrule or guide, NO PROBLEM...Ross offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all rod/reel components!
  AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITY NOW with a free casting lesson* and 3 special hand tied flies…Everett’s “go-to” patterns! 

Click on left to purchase
*within eastern CT/RI

Monday, June 24, 2013

Matt's Beauty!

Team 7x member Matt, proudly displaying his team cap, landed this 36 lb. Chinook at the Whale Channel Lodge, BC, Canada recently.  He also took a "smaller" one at 34 lbs.  Great job Matt, sure is a different experience than drifting size sixteens to rising trout!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Black Caddis Evening!

Perfect conditions on the Natchaug 6/5.  Levels are up, flow just right and with more heavy rain expected, we should have continued good hatches and rising trout!  Remember to give the river a day to clear after heavy rains since it will go off-color fairly quickly.

Only one pattern needed last evening...black caddis...as the trout rose consistently to an elk-wing or CDC size 16.  I tried a few larger imitations but the fish were keyed on size.  No sulphurs and very few late spinners; every night is different! All in all, maybe the best night yet with many nice fish brought to hand.

Fly Image at Front Range Anglers

Note a bit of green on the body; the above almost identical to the pattern I used with success last evening.

We return to Charlie Brown Campground next Saturday the 15th and have a couple spots open for the afternoon guided session on the Natchaug.  First come, first serve after the CBC folks, so let us know!  Free casting lessons, advice in the AM.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Upper Delaware River, May 16-20

Team 7x spent 3+ days in the UD area, fishing the East Branch, Beaverkill and Willowemoc.  Flows were unusually low on the EB, making it difficult to disguise the imitation amongst the natural caddis, spinners, bwo's, and a few March Browns.  PMD's were just starting to show as well as the big sulphurs.  Areas above Airport and below Power Lines (for those who know the EB) with moving water provided us with better opportunities for rising fish.

The Beaverkill was at perfect levels and offered a solid hatch of March Browns and smaller Gray Fox beginning in the early afternoon...lots of caddis present as well.  The rocks in-stream were covered with shucks...emergent caddis is shown here.  It took many casts over big browns rising to natural MB's to fool 'em but we were rewarded with 18"+ hard fighting wild fish!  We fished Baxter's pool on two days with no one in sight and plenty of rising trout...amazing since most of the other pools were jammed.

Team member Matt landed a solid 20 inch wild brown on a sulphur emerger on the Willowemoc rest area pool...gorgeous fish and she decided to return to the stream as he brought her to hand! Big sulphurs were just beginning to show and this wild beauty fought hard!

The Upper Delaware area is a challenge, no doubt, but the choices are superb...4 world class trout streams, AND a few other sights as well.  Our cabin, stream side on the EB offered up another unusual sight, courtesy of Pileated Woodpeckers...looks like they borrowed a chain saw!

On the bank of the East Branch Delaware

Monday, May 13, 2013

Natchaug River update, May 11

The rains at the end of last week brought the river up a bit and improved the flow.  Following our casting clinic at Charlie Brown Campground, we spent a few afternoon hours on the river.  As the caddis began to appear mid afternoon, the trout became active but for the most part wanted no part of dead drifted patterns.  Once we switched to caddis emergers, fished with movement just under the surface, we took a number of nice fish, mostly rainbows.

Our "Natchaug Top Twelve" selection features CDC "go-to" emergers that are very effective during a caddis hatch, and today was no exception.  Trout were clearly keying on the caddis emerger as it rose thru the water column.  Saw a couple of March Browns; this emergence should become steadier in days ahead.  We'll be ok for a bit on the Natchaug providing we get rain once or twice a week or so.
Thanks to TEAM 7x member Steve on his yearly visit to CBC and the Natchaug, for presenting us with some great patterns he had developed and tied.


PS:  If anyone is in the Upper Delaware area later this week thru the weekend, let us know.  TEAM7x will be on one of the 4 great area trout streams thru Monday!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shetucket River...quick update

Our TEAM7x member Jeff reported solid action last week on the Shetucket, with plenty of rising trout to caddis.  Sunday night was much the same as we had rising fish throughout the evening.  The water is warm, so some suckers and bass are rising as well; the trout are there however and the caddis hatch was none-stop from 4:00pm 'till dark.  BE SURE to check the dam releases before you go...info on this is on our site.  SHETUCKET INFO.

Steve reports good action on the Natchaug, however the levels and the flows are low and getting worse without rain in sight.

WE HAVE OPENINGS for Saturday afternoon May 11 on-stream special. Charlie Brown campers have 1st call, but email us and we'll wait-list you.  WE MAY divert to the Shetucket depending on conditions...

More later.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Natchaug River, Opening Day

OPENING DAY 2013 found a small but enthusiastic class of fly casting students taking part in our introductory session following the mornings usual frenzy! All participants had spin fishing experience but virtually no experience with a fly rod. ( In fact one young man had recently bought a fly fishing outfit and placed it on his wall at home! ) The youngest student, a 12 year old girl, enjoyed using one of Team 7x's youth outfits and made good progress in the brief time we had. Blustery conditions presented some problems but also an opportunity to practice the useful sidearm cast. Thanks to Team 7x's Jeff Rainville for assisting and sharing his fishing knowledge. And, a special thanks to Steve, Pam and Chris at Charlie Brown for hosting Team7x.

The Ross Youth packages are available at the Charlie Brown camp store. See Pam for special pricing!

Wednesday, April 24 update: Matching up to the quills, small black caddis and a few hendricksons did the trick on the sporadic risers. Lots of insects present and the fish should become more active in the days ahead. The water is LOW, not a great sign for this early in the season, but plenty of fish are present. The "Natchaug Top Twelve" black cdc emerger fished on top and in the film produced several nice browns.

Here's Team7x member Paul's recent report:

"The title of this should be " I need a bigger net " :) On Sunday, I ended up at the Natchaug as planned, second pool to the left of the road going in to the Forest area and surprisingly, there were not to many people fishing.. The flows were fast ( for me anyway ) and the water was a very cold 42 degrees. Nothing was happening on top, so I put on a # 14 Red Head nymph... Simple fly... Copper bead head, red thread, Pheasnt tail tail and a single wrap of fine copper wire on the body finished off with a two turn white hackle behind the bead.

Any way after about 5 or 6 casts I thought I had hooked into the bottom, but then felt the pure power of what turned out to be a 17" VERY healthy Brown at just over 3 pounds.. Took almost 15 minutes to coax him into what I thought was a good size C & R net, but he just barely fit.... It was an absoulte blast !!

There were a few notable events here for me... First,there were 3 more Browns, all over 15" in the next hour or so, before I got to cold and left. Second, I caught them on fly's that I tied..... Thanks Everett !!! Finally.... I do need a bigger net :) There were two other guys fishing near me, one up and one down stream, and they were getting the Browns as well.. Kind of miss the jumps of the Rainbows, but these fish were amaizingly strong and just as fun.

oh yeah... just for giggles... I was using a 9 foot, 5 WT, TFO; 7.5 Foot 4X leader and about 4 Feet of 5X Tippet."


Have a report?  Let us know and we'll post it OR we'll send a private alert to our ever-growing email list.  Sign up now!


Monday, April 22, 2013

The River Itchen

For those who appreciate fly fishing history, two storied locales in the UK, birthplace of dry fly fishing, are the River Test and the River Itchen.  The River Itchen is located in and around Winchester, southwest of London about an hour and a lovely English country town.  Izaak Walton's tomb lies in the cathedral in Winchester and his "The Compleat Angler" remains a classic in which much is written about the gin-clear English chalk streams.

I spent a day on the beautiful River Itchen recently as part of a trip to London.  My guide Mick Siggery and I had a "beat" all to ourselves on what was the worst weather day of a week long trip.  Wind at 30-40 MPH, periods of rain and overcast conditions not worth venturing into.  Since all beats on the chalk streams are private, requiring advance payment and arrangements, I had little choice but to take the train ride from London to Winchester and hope for the best.

A brief moment of sun!
"Those of us who will not in any circumstances cast except over rising fish are sometimes called ultra purists and those who occasionally will try to tempt a fish in position but not actually rising are termed purists... and I would urge every dry fly fisher to follow the example of these purists and ultra purists."  Frederic M. Halford

In the brief minutes that the wind subsided, we had a few rising fish to olives...larger than the olives we are used to here in the colonies! Not inclined to nymph, I managed to raise a few fish, with no success in hooking.  Large Grayling were also present hugging the bottom.  Hooked a couple small ones, but all in all the catching was not good...the experience and the setting was great!  The day is what God gives us, so "no worries" as the English say...I thoroughly enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime experience on a famed English chalk stream, and can check off one of my "Bucket List" items!

We don't realize how great we have it as fly fishers in the US.  There is simply no open rivers and streams to speak of in the UK; every outing requires a reservation and a fee to fish a certain "beat."

For those who have fished the Montana spring creeks, the English chalks are similar; gin-clear, lots of vegetation and the fish are visible and spooky. Here's a look:

DRAG FREE everyone...local reports on CT opening day coming shortly!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

All systems go for OPENING DAY!

The rivers and streams look to be in great shape for the CT opener on April 20.  RI opens the week before on April 13.  Levels, clarity and water temps are improving daily.

We'll be at Charlie Brown Campground on the Natchaug on the 20th in the afternoon, following the usual frenzy in the AM.  If you're in the area stop by; we'll be doing some casting lessons and general fly fishing gear tune ups for campers and visitors near the soccer field.  If you do stop by, please park to the left of the rest room area below the first gate but outside the 2nd gate/fence.  This is the area to park at anytime you wish to fish the campground area.  It's always nice to check in with Pam, Steve, or Chris.  They always welcome visitors!

We will have the Ross Journey youth outfit available for casting, along with our "Natchaug Top Twelve" flies and boxes.  We have all the popular Fly Fishing Benefactor reels for demo as well.

Two patterns we like early on are the CDC emergers in black and brown, size 16.

They do a great job of imitating the early season quills that we see on the Natchaug, and the CDC allows them to be drifted or fished just in the surface film as an emerger.

Need leaders?  FFB has a great selection at the lowest prices around.  We just picked up a dozen 9' 6x for our clients and classes.  We continue in 2013 as Pro Staff for Fly Fishing Benefactors; top products, prices, and profiting some great causes. Take a look at their site.

We're now booking "Evenings on the Natchaug" for early May, a great time for early season hatches and rising fish.  Don't forget licenses!   Available on line from CTDEP.

And...if you haven't joined out "team" mail list, be sure we have your email address.  We will be updating more specific info, not posted here, to our subscribers throughout the season.
We welcome you input, reports and comments.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Special Offer for Young Fly Fishers!

During the “off season,” we set out to find the ideal outfit for young flyfishers since many of the folks at our casting lessons asked for suggestions.  We wanted to find a complete package, high quality, LIFETIME WARRANTY and at a very attractive price point. 

We are offering the Ross Journey Youth Fly Fishing Outfit through this SPECIAL OFFER to our fly fishing friends.  This is an ideal package for son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter by Ross, a Scientific Angler/3M company, designed with younger folks in mind.  The 4 piece 7’6” rod with high quality reel, spooled with a 4 weight fly line and leader, padded carrying case and DVD geared to kids is an outstanding value.  Everett has examined the entire outfit in detail; it casts wonderfully and is balanced just right for the younger angler.  Women will also appreciate the smaller cork grip and the 7’6” length; and maybe the best part...break a tip, crush a ferrule or guide, NO PROBLEM...Ross offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all rod/reel components!
  AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITY NOW with a free casting lesson* and 3 special hand tied flies…Everett’s “go-to” patterns! 


Here's Everett's review:

I took a new outfit and did some "lawn angling" yesterday.  First, this is an eye-catching rod with a beautiful blue finish, silver accents on the ferrules and an aluminum reel seat.  Combined with a cast aluminum reel in a similar shade of blue, this combo beats beginner's gear from the big boxes in appearance especially in this price range.  I would call this a medium action rod which loads easily with the pre-rigged 5weight line.  By the way, the line to  leader connection  is a neatly tied nail knot as is that of line to backing.  I would have liked to see a double nail knot for additional security at this junction should a young angler hook into a big fish but this can easily be remedied by Team7x during the free lesson we offer with purchase.  The rod was able to deliver the fly accurately even into a strong breeze.  To sum up, this is a great little rod which will accelerate a young angler's learning curve and with a built-up grip,  it would make a great small stream travel rod for women and adults, utilizing the (included) travel case.  The kid's DVD, featuring a 12 year old fly fisherman is perfect for beginners!

* In eastern CT and RI

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stoneflies are out!

A quick update on the Moosup for March11.  Water levels and flow fine, bit high but no problem.  Water temp 45 degrees.  Stoneflies made their appearance at 3:30 pm per usual, the warmest part of the day (57 degrees).  This was a sparse hatch but so good to see, 'cause SPRING is near.  No rising fish to the skittering stones...a few more warm days and the Moosup should provide some nice pre-major-stream-opening-day (whew) action.  Nice day to be out, searching, watching;  made a few casts to likely spots but without sign of rising trout...I'll wait!

As a side note, if you're looking for that opening day outfit for your son, daughter, gson or gdaughter, or other young person...stay tuned...we've got a great package lined up!

This deal will beat the big box retailers...announcement coming shortly!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stocking begins in CT

CTDEP has announced the start of stocking in rivers and streams.  MOST rivers and streams, including the Natchaug and tributaries, are CLOSED now until opening day April 20, 2013.  In eastern CT, the Yantic, Moosup, Willimantic and Merrick Brook remain open year 'round.  With the high water levels and flows, we haven't been able to get on the water as of yet.  When temps approach the 50's we should see some stonefly action and we'll report!

March of 2012 featured some great early season action on stoneflies, especially on the Moosup.  Let's see what the next several weeks bring!  We'll be announcing our no-charge spring casting lesson schedule shortly.  Rates remain the same if you'd like to book an "Evening on the Natchaug." Everett has been busy tying several new patterns for inclusion in our "Top Twelve" selection.

Drop us your email address for special announcements before we post here; Our team list is growing and we just announced in advance, an outstanding opportunity for young fly fishers!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Let it SNOW!

Hope everyone survived the latest winter blast!  The good news is that we need the snow cover to help recharge the ground water heading into the spring fly fishing season.  With that in mind, a few tips while we wait to make the season's first cast!

                      1.  CLEAN your fly lines...if you haven't done so since last fall, you'll be
                           surprised at the crud that will wipe off when using a line cleaner or small
                           amount of dish soap and damp cloth.  While you're at it, check for nicks,
                           cuts or line abrasions. Check out FFB's great deals on lines/leaders.

                      2.  CHECK your nail knot/butt section. Click to see our preferred method
                           of leader-to-line connection.

                      3.  CLEAN, pull apart and lightly lube (if recommended) your reels.            
                           A small soft brush will get rid of any grit inside the spool and housing.

                      4.  SORT out your fly boxes...a continuing exercise in futility, I know!
                           We end up using a dozen patterns or so, and carry umpteen thousands
                           in our boxes and vests...go figure!

                      5.  PLAN to interest a newbie, especially a young person, in fly fishing this
                           year.  We have a series of casting lessons planned in Eastern CT
                           this Spring and can provide the gear at no charge. (2013 dates shortly)

If you are thinking about an outfit for child or grandchild, we will shortly be announcing an unbeatable package deal designed for young fly fishers.  Email for details.