Monday, June 24, 2013

Matt's Beauty!

Team 7x member Matt, proudly displaying his team cap, landed this 36 lb. Chinook at the Whale Channel Lodge, BC, Canada recently.  He also took a "smaller" one at 34 lbs.  Great job Matt, sure is a different experience than drifting size sixteens to rising trout!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Black Caddis Evening!

Perfect conditions on the Natchaug 6/5.  Levels are up, flow just right and with more heavy rain expected, we should have continued good hatches and rising trout!  Remember to give the river a day to clear after heavy rains since it will go off-color fairly quickly.

Only one pattern needed last the trout rose consistently to an elk-wing or CDC size 16.  I tried a few larger imitations but the fish were keyed on size.  No sulphurs and very few late spinners; every night is different! All in all, maybe the best night yet with many nice fish brought to hand.

Fly Image at Front Range Anglers

Note a bit of green on the body; the above almost identical to the pattern I used with success last evening.

We return to Charlie Brown Campground next Saturday the 15th and have a couple spots open for the afternoon guided session on the Natchaug.  First come, first serve after the CBC folks, so let us know!  Free casting lessons, advice in the AM.