Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Be the Trout…Eat MAYFLIES!

Mayflies indeed! It's what we wait for in early Spring.  After capturing a few emerging duns on the Natchaug on Sunday the 27th, Team7x member Bob and I concluded that the Quill Gordons have emerged!  It was overcast, water temp. 52, air temp a bit lower with off and on showers.  Mid afternoon the quills started to show sporadically but the trout showed little interest.  A few degrees warmer and we likely would have some rising fish.  We had to work to find the occasional rise on this day.

Thanks to Chris at Nickerson Family Campground, we had a GREAT turnout for our free casting clinic; women, men and young folks totaled about 15 people and we had 'em throwing loops, some tight, some not so…!  All in all a great time in sketchy weather. Thanks again to Bob for his help with the program and of course my partner in crime, Everett!

This week promises unsettled weather, but it shouldn't be long until the Natchaug and other area rivers break loose. We have guests scheduled at the end this week, so hopefully conditions will settle.   Indicators, weighted flies and all that jazz will catch fish cuz they're certainly there, BUT you know by now, that's not our style.  We'll wait for those trout to rise and then GAME ON!

DRAG FREE everybody.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

CT Opening Day Trout Season, April 19, 2014

IF the weather holds we should have a fine opening day on the Natchaug and all Connecticut rivers.

Continuing our opening day tradition, we will be hosting our no-charge fly casting clinic at Charlie Brown Campground, Eastford CT, Rt. 198 on the Natchaug River on Saturday from 1-3 pm after the morning mob scene!

You're welcome to join us; we'll have plenty of rods, reels fully equipped for your use, OR bring your gear by and we'll check your butt section, nail, blood, and surgeon's knots and whatever else…(Even loop-to-loop connections!)  Look for our signs at the campground entrance.

OPENING DAY TIP:  Get away from the worm throwers…walk, explore, walk some more!  There are great locations on most all our trout streams that most folks never bother with.  Stay close to roads, bridges, easy access points and you'll be sure to find yourself shoulder to shoulder with the opening day one-day wonders!

Stoneflies and early season quills have been showing recently on the Moosup and Willimantic rivers without much surface interest from the trout.  This will change with steadier water levels and temps.

The CT DEP hasn't updated it's site recently, but we assume the first round of stocking has been completed.  Our larger rivers, Natchaug included, should hold some nice fall holdovers as well.

We're booking "Evenings on the Natchaug" now.  Care to join us?  We'll work out a convenient day/date and time for some dry fly action!

We'll continue to update the blog as news warrants…in the meantime our  PRIVATE mail list continues to grow with special updates and current info…sign up, we'll keep you in the loop!