Monday, February 11, 2013

Let it SNOW!

Hope everyone survived the latest winter blast!  The good news is that we need the snow cover to help recharge the ground water heading into the spring fly fishing season.  With that in mind, a few tips while we wait to make the season's first cast!

                      1.  CLEAN your fly lines...if you haven't done so since last fall, you'll be
                           surprised at the crud that will wipe off when using a line cleaner or small
                           amount of dish soap and damp cloth.  While you're at it, check for nicks,
                           cuts or line abrasions. Check out FFB's great deals on lines/leaders.

                      2.  CHECK your nail knot/butt section. Click to see our preferred method
                           of leader-to-line connection.

                      3.  CLEAN, pull apart and lightly lube (if recommended) your reels.            
                           A small soft brush will get rid of any grit inside the spool and housing.

                      4.  SORT out your fly boxes...a continuing exercise in futility, I know!
                           We end up using a dozen patterns or so, and carry umpteen thousands
                           in our boxes and vests...go figure!

                      5.  PLAN to interest a newbie, especially a young person, in fly fishing this
                           year.  We have a series of casting lessons planned in Eastern CT
                           this Spring and can provide the gear at no charge. (2013 dates shortly)

If you are thinking about an outfit for child or grandchild, we will shortly be announcing an unbeatable package deal designed for young fly fishers.  Email for details.