Friday, May 24, 2013

Upper Delaware River, May 16-20

Team 7x spent 3+ days in the UD area, fishing the East Branch, Beaverkill and Willowemoc.  Flows were unusually low on the EB, making it difficult to disguise the imitation amongst the natural caddis, spinners, bwo's, and a few March Browns.  PMD's were just starting to show as well as the big sulphurs.  Areas above Airport and below Power Lines (for those who know the EB) with moving water provided us with better opportunities for rising fish.

The Beaverkill was at perfect levels and offered a solid hatch of March Browns and smaller Gray Fox beginning in the early afternoon...lots of caddis present as well.  The rocks in-stream were covered with shucks...emergent caddis is shown here.  It took many casts over big browns rising to natural MB's to fool 'em but we were rewarded with 18"+ hard fighting wild fish!  We fished Baxter's pool on two days with no one in sight and plenty of rising trout...amazing since most of the other pools were jammed.

Team member Matt landed a solid 20 inch wild brown on a sulphur emerger on the Willowemoc rest area pool...gorgeous fish and she decided to return to the stream as he brought her to hand! Big sulphurs were just beginning to show and this wild beauty fought hard!

The Upper Delaware area is a challenge, no doubt, but the choices are superb...4 world class trout streams, AND a few other sights as well.  Our cabin, stream side on the EB offered up another unusual sight, courtesy of Pileated Woodpeckers...looks like they borrowed a chain saw!

On the bank of the East Branch Delaware

Monday, May 13, 2013

Natchaug River update, May 11

The rains at the end of last week brought the river up a bit and improved the flow.  Following our casting clinic at Charlie Brown Campground, we spent a few afternoon hours on the river.  As the caddis began to appear mid afternoon, the trout became active but for the most part wanted no part of dead drifted patterns.  Once we switched to caddis emergers, fished with movement just under the surface, we took a number of nice fish, mostly rainbows.

Our "Natchaug Top Twelve" selection features CDC "go-to" emergers that are very effective during a caddis hatch, and today was no exception.  Trout were clearly keying on the caddis emerger as it rose thru the water column.  Saw a couple of March Browns; this emergence should become steadier in days ahead.  We'll be ok for a bit on the Natchaug providing we get rain once or twice a week or so.
Thanks to TEAM 7x member Steve on his yearly visit to CBC and the Natchaug, for presenting us with some great patterns he had developed and tied.


PS:  If anyone is in the Upper Delaware area later this week thru the weekend, let us know.  TEAM7x will be on one of the 4 great area trout streams thru Monday!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shetucket River...quick update

Our TEAM7x member Jeff reported solid action last week on the Shetucket, with plenty of rising trout to caddis.  Sunday night was much the same as we had rising fish throughout the evening.  The water is warm, so some suckers and bass are rising as well; the trout are there however and the caddis hatch was none-stop from 4:00pm 'till dark.  BE SURE to check the dam releases before you on this is on our site.  SHETUCKET INFO.

Steve reports good action on the Natchaug, however the levels and the flows are low and getting worse without rain in sight.

WE HAVE OPENINGS for Saturday afternoon May 11 on-stream special. Charlie Brown campers have 1st call, but email us and we'll wait-list you.  WE MAY divert to the Shetucket depending on conditions...

More later.