Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eastern CT and the Farmington River

The heat and low flow has ended fishing on the Natchaug and all other streams in Eastern CT.(northeast area at least). While you may find a few deeper cooler spots on the Moosup River, fishing is not advisable until the water cools and the levels come up. The Natchaug fished very well into the 3rd week of June as sulphurs, ants and black caddis were the go-to patterns.

The trout are struggling for oxygen and have been seen podding up in cooler flows on both rivers. Not a good time for Eastern CT opportunities. The only game in town becomes the Farmington. Despite the heavy pressure, the upper TMA and above on the West Branch of the Farmington may be the best lower New England has to offer. Patience, choosing some of the less pressured areas, and being willing to make frequent fly changes will lead to success. Oh, and you better be on 7x at this time as the water is crystal clear, a bit low, but perfect and the trout are very picky!

We managed some fine fish on the Farmington just recently, as the above video will show. With the water clarity excellent, I witnessed at least 5 fish throughout the day, rise to my pattern, open its mouth and at the last second, nudge it and reject. In another case an 18" brown who showed in a small riffle, absolutely crashed a winter/summer caddis size 16 without hesitation.

You just never know! You'll be tested at this time of the year but the rewards are unbeatable!

An aside; ran into an angler who proceeded to tell us how he "slammed" them all day upriver as he was entering Greenwoods with no rising fish and a falling rain in the early evening. First question, why leave "upriver?' The fishing on the Farmington is challenging and technical at this time of year for the dry fly guy. If you're going to nymph with an indicator, so be it. But you will NOT "slam 'em" on top. I'm personally tired of the war stories and bragging boards throughout the fly fishing community. You'll not see brag numbers posted here. I'd rather tell it like it is and keep it real ... Drag Free!