Tuesday, July 19, 2022

 The Good ole' SUMMERTIME !

GREAT for the beach, challenging for the trout fly fisher. A lack of rain has reservoirs at low levels and tail waters at some of the lowest levels in a very long time.  Case in point, the Farmington...lowest we've seen in some years, exposing rocks, boulders, runs and holes we are not used to seeing.

The cold water from the minimal releases are keeping the trout active, easier to locate rising fish, and the insects continuing to hatch.  X-caddis patterns worked on a recent visit, along with a sulphur here and there, as that hatch is now only in the uppermost stretches...Canal pool and above. Most all areas of the Farmington are now easily wadeable, so take notes for the future when normal conditions resume!  HINT:  You had better be on 7x if fishing to risers in the low and very clear conditions and if your leader/tippet is not pushing 14 feet...good luck!!

On an annual trip to the Catskills in mid June, conditions could't have been better on the East and West Branches of the Delaware.  The Beaverkill was a bit low and warm, but fishable.

Here's a 20" West Branch wild Brown that fell for a size 20 BWO one nice morning.

On the East Branch, conditions were much the same, nice flows and water temps in the 50's to low 60's.

Here's Matt, my fishing partner and chef (steak au poivre after a long day on the branches)   
along with the requisite rye Manhattan (or 2)...who can beat that!!

Daytime on the East Branch was an earlier morning deal and the beauty above took a sunken caddis in the AM.

We had a great 5 days lodged at the DREAMCATCHER on the banks of the WB.  Caught and released nice Browns during the WB "golden hour" 7-9pm rising to sulphurs, Iso's, BWO's.

Arguably the best in the East, the Upper Delaware, certainly for wild trout!

Stay safe everyone, temps will fall, waters will rise and Connecticut's fall Atlantic Salmon season will be here!


Team 7x

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