Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Exclusive for TEAM7x followers..


A long time Team7x member is offering an outstanding collection of quality fly rods and reels for PRIVATE sale to our followers prior to listing on EBAY.

We are in the process of photographing each offering.

If you have interest in any of the offerings, drop an email to team7xflyfishing@gmail.com and we'll forward photos immediately.

There are some outstanding offerings here and each item has been carefully inspected. Lines on reels look good but without despooling, we can't vouch.  With lines in the $100 range today, you can't go wrong!

Here we go:

A SAGE XP, maybe the finest fast action SAGE ever are becoming rare.  This is an 8.5 ft. 486-4, 4 wt. with SAGE rod and reel case. Beautiful 4 piece rod, I own 2 and would never part with...$475  ($500-$600 on EBAY)


SAGE VXP fast action 9 ft., 5 wt. 590-4, 4 piece with rod/reel case...$325 ($375 0n EBAY)


SAGE DS2 great entry level rod 8', 5 wt 2 piece w/tube...$225 ($265 on EBAY)

THOMAS & THOMAS  HS906, 9 ft., 6 wt., 2 piece w/tube...$320 ($620 on EBAY, no tube)

THOMAS & THOMAS HE909S-4 (saltwater rod) 9 ft., 9 wt. 4 piece w/tube...$325 (few digs on cork, otherwise great shape) ( no EBAY comp.)  SOLD

THOMAS & THOMAS HE905, 9ft., 5 wt,, 2 piece no tube...$225

If you're in Eastern CT, RI or southern MA we can make arrangement for pick up, inspection and payment; cash, PayPal, VENMO or we can ship for cost.



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